French “4 quarters” apple cake

Quatre quart aux pommes

This is a traditionnal french grandmother recipe… I just added a little caramel for even more goodies 😉 We say four quarters because it takes the same amount of flour, sugar, butter and eggs… I don’t know if you have the same recipe ? Ingredients 100g of flour 100g of sugar 100g unsalted butter 2…

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Potatoes “alla Pizzaiola”

Pommes de terre "alla pizzaiola"

In Italy, the dishes “alla Pizzaiola” are those whose taste reminiscent that of a pizza … So these potatoes will please no problem for the whole family and will be perfect for a weeknight. I used to be with grilled meat or just fried eggs … In reality I prefer with eggs because when the…

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Sweet Apple cake

Gâteau aux pommes moelleux

If there is a French basic recipe it’s the apple cake which there are hundreds … thousands of versions. There are probably a family recipe that can be transmitted in each generation, which goes to her friends … who will themselves bring their little touch … The important thing is to find THE Cake recipe…

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Almond Cake

gateau amande

Here’s a cake recipe with almond flourless running on blogging for a long time … I found it under the name of namandier here and I have adapted the recipe to make it more healthy with Stevia that will save you 50% of calories compared to the traditional sugar. It is always better than nothing…

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Shrimp turmeric and cream leeks

Crevettes au curcuma

We start the week with a light recipe because I know you’ve done excess this weekend … well I know I have done it I rarely used alone turmeric, I’m used to use it with other spices in the curry for example. But the other day, watching TV, doctor spoke of the virtues of turmeric,…

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